Picadillo with Tostones

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Crockpot Picadillo with Tostones

What You Need:
Skinnytaste Picadillo Recipe
Skinnytaste Tostones Recipe

21-Day Fix Container Count:

I fill 1 1/2 red containers
meat – 1 red
veggies – 1/2 green
brown rice – 1 yellow

Tostones – 1 green
Dressing – 1/2 blue


I would DEFINITELY put some hot sauce on the Picadillo to give it a little kick. It’s ‘free’, so go for it. I would also recommend the dressing that is mentioned for the tostones. They do tend to be a little more on the dry side since they are not fried, so the dressing gives it the moistness and flavor you’re looking for!

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