Why I Left Teaching For My Beachbody Business, and Why You Should, Too…

Why I Left Teaching for My Beachbody Business and Why You Should, Too…

I was an elementary school teacher for eleven years, and I loved every moment of it. Well, let’s be honest. ALMOST every moment of it. I loved spending time with my students, creating an unbreakable bond, sharing priceless moments of learning, and just knowing that I was making a difference in their lives in one way or another.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, my Master’s Degree in Reading and Exceptional Student Education, and my Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. Needless to say, education was my life. I had wanted to be a teacher since the first grade, so this was definitely a dream come true for me.

But see, sometimes dreams are very different than the harsh reality of the situation. As the years went on in my profession, things began to change. There was a shift. Stress levels seemed to get higher, hours working seemed to get longer and never-ending, incentives and stipends seemed to continue to be taken away, raises seemed to have become nonexistent, respect for teachers seemed to be lost… It was a breeding ground for negativity and unhappiness.

You know, working with a large number of teachers for so many years, I can say from experience that teachers are some of the most hard-working, compassionate, selfless, dedicated, intelligent, and overall amazing people. They really are, but when you treat teachers in a way that does not value those amazing qualities, you begin to chip away at those very qualities. It is actually a very sad thing to witness.

I have had an opportunity to view the situation from an outsider’s perspective since I moved and became a stay at home four years ago. I never thought I would leave the profession, but being away from it has allowed me to see things in a different light, without being involved firsthand. I observe the stress… I observe the exhaustion… I observe the negativity… I observe the feelings of having their hands tied… I observe the feelings of never being good enough… I observe the full blame for students not achieving at a certain standard…

And then I observe the feeling that they are stuck. It’s almost as though sometimes teachers feel that they have made their bed (devoted years to education and years to their profession) and they must now lie in it (make it to retirement). Well, here is where I feel inclined to step in. I know, firsthand, every aspect of the teaching profession, from the amazing to the terrible. And I am here to tell you that there are alternatives.

I really feel that most teachers are unhappy because they feel helpless. They feel as though they NEED to work, as opposed to enjoying their job without the stress of NEEDING it. How would you feel if you could teach just to enjoy it, or even no longer need to have that full-time job? Wouldn’t it be amazing to possibly earn a full-time income with a part-time business? A business where you are doing the same thing you went into your profession to do – help people, make a difference in others’ lives, educate people, and improve the quality of their lives? It truly is a win-win situation.

After just less than a year of this coaching opportunity, I am nearing my goal of matching my teaching salary when I left with eleven years in the system with an Ed.S. It IS possible. You can enjoy what you do AND make your dreams come true. You can live the life you have dreamed of. You can create greater opportunities for you and your family. You can achieve anything you commit yourself to. You CAN, and I WILL help you.


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