A Different Take on Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday!!!

We always share our physical transformations on these days, and they are DEFINITELY something to be proud of. But rarely do people talk about the internal transformation… The way your mind and your attitude change. It’s really something I wasn’t planning on or working toward. I just wanted to lose weight, you know? I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.

*I’m happier.
*I’m more confident.
*I feel like I can do anything.
*I have a more positive outlook on life.
*I don’t settle anymore.
*I’m excited about things again.
*I am a better mom and wife.

See, it’s not all about the physical transformation. I don’t discount it, though… But the inside… Man, changing that is truly life-changing in so many ways.

So happy… So grateful…

I am adding my transformation picture to date ONLY so that you can look at the expression on my face in each picture. That is how you can TRULY see the difference inside.


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