Crockpot Picadillo with Tostones


Crockpot Picadillo with Tostones

What You Need:
Skinnytaste Picadillo Recipe
Skinnytaste Tostones Recipe

21-Day Fix Container Count:

I fill 1 1/2 red containers
meat – 1 red
veggies – 1/2 green
brown rice – 1 yellow

Tostones – 1 green
Dressing – 1/2 blue


I would DEFINITELY put some hot sauce on the Picadillo to give it a little kick. It’s ‘free’, so go for it. I would also recommend the dressing that is mentioned for the tostones. They do tend to be a little more on the dry side since they are not fried, so the dressing gives it the moistness and flavor you’re looking for!



Create an awesome leftover the next day with this recipe below! Say goodbye to leftover monotony!

Crockpot Picadillo Stuffed Peppers

Crock Pot Picadillo Stuffed Peppers



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