Cannoli Dip

Cannoli Dip

Cannoli Dip

Ok, so here’s the scoop. I NEVER had a cannoli in my life until my husband and I traveled to New Jersey and made a stop in Hoboken at the all famous Carlo’s Bakery. I can still taste the cannoli that I had that day. It was seriously the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I have had to stop watching Cake Boss because it reminds me of that darn cannoli that I want to eat again so badly. I even went as far as checking to see if they would deliver… You see the point. I love a good cannoli.

Well, one day in one of my challenge groups, a wonderful challenger and coach of mine shared this recipe. I decided to make it, but I didn’t have all of the ingredients. I guess I was desperate enough to try, and let me tell you, I failed. It was disgusting, but remember, I didn’t have all of the ingredients. Therefore, I attempted it again with everything at hand, and OH MY GOODNESS!!! Are you kidding me?! This dessert is absolutely delicious, and wait a minute, it counts as a protein?!?! Yes!

I am in love with this dessert, and it takes good care of that sweet tooth of mine!

Give it a try…. but please use all of the ingredients!


What You Need:

1 red of part-skim/low fat ricotta cheese
1 tablespoon plain, fat-free Greek yogurt
2 teaspoons raw honey
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 packets of stevia
1 teaspoon mini chocolate chips (optional, but totally recommended)


  1. Mix all ingredients together except chocolate chips.
  2. Refrigerate 1 hour. Add chocolate chips.
  3. Devour!!!

21- Day Fix Container Count:

Ricotta Cheese – 1 red
Chocolate Chips – 1 yellow (treat swap)


Add strawberries if you are needing some fruit for the day. You could even add some cocoa powder and make it a chocolate cannoli dip! Play around with it to find your favorite combo!